Serving today’s multi-national executive looking for connections, elite lifestyle, and most importantly – growth. The corporate and executive concierge for an era of China-US connections.


Invitation Only Membership for Exclusive Connections, Executive Growth Opportunities, and Elite Concierge Services.

PRIM Club specializes in connecting and supporting like-minded business leaders from China and the U.S. Discover exclusive opportunities for strategic relationships and instant access to critical concierge services for growth and lifestyle. Understanding the unique needs of our clients from all cultures enables us to provide you with the ultimate solutions to keep you focused on corporate growth.

We bring together business leaders, policy makers, and academic personage from different industries and areas to discuss issues and opportunities, and to share valuable experiences. PRIM Club listens to your needs and knows how to connect you with the best match for solving any need. Supported by a strong professional network, PRIM Club assists you on every step of your way to success, whether it be the right connection, executive training programs, or taking care of the distractions taking up your valuable time.

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