Club memberships are available on both corporate and personal levels.

Corporate criteria:

  • Multinational corporations, or corporations planning on going international
  • State, provincial, and city departments or institutions
  • Universities that offer MBA, EMBA, global executive or business leader development programs
  • Business or industrial associations on provincial or state levels
  • Professional services providers
  • Non-profit institutions

Personal criteria:

  • Senior level executives of multinational corporations or corporations expanding into the U.S.
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs of corporations with over one million dollar in annual revenue
  • Up and coming young leaders of either for-profit and non-profit institutions
  • State, provincial, and city officials
  • Foreign dignitaries

Memberships are by invitation only, and first year of membership fee will be waived if recommended by 3 or more current members.


  • Access to Members Only Executive Events
  • Access to the international network of elite business leaders
  • Access to world’s leading medical and philanthropy network
  • Eligibility of global mentor program
  • Discounted registration fee to training programs
  • Priority spot in registrations of any of the training or networking programs

Members’ commitment

  • Attend at least one offsite networking event each year
  • Attend at least two regional networking events each year
  • Develop relationship with at least one non-profit organization within the 1st year of joining
  • Contribute one entry on experience sharing each quarter

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